Are You the Volunteer?

The volunteer is:

• A teacher, student, farmer, businessman, nurse, carpenter, restaurant owner, banker, office worker, husband, wife, son or daughter.

• An individual who makes a personal sacrifice of their time.

• An individual who performs in a firefighter capacity not for monetary reward but purely for the satisfaction of helping others.

• An individual who performs well under pressure and finds satisfaction in facing sometimes seemingly unconquerable challenges.

• An individual who wants to make a contribution to his or her community.

• An individual who is gratified by a simple statement of "Thank you for your help".

• An individual who enjoys the challenges and excitement of life.

• An individual who finds social gratification in being a member of a group of individuals bound together by a common goal or desire.

• An individual who is willing to face the extremes of weather both day and night when a home maybe threatened by fire or a life maybe in trouble.

• An individual who desires to be a part of one of the most professionally oriented organizations in their community.

• An individual to whom a young child or older adult can look up to for help.

• An individual who is willing to be an educator and a friend.

• An individual who inspires others by their dedication, selflessness, and dependability.

• An individual who goes beyond the normal daily routine and faces the challenges of tomorrow - - today.


         This individual could be you!


Why Volunteer?
Why not!

         Ask any volunteer firefighter or EMT why they accept the challenges they do. What was the turning point in their decision to become a volunteer firefighter or EMT? Each one will tell you in their own words, that being a part of the fire/EMS department fulfills a basic and personal human need. . . the need to contribute to a worthwhile endeavor and to help others. As firefighters and EMT’s work to fulfill their need to help others, they also meet the ever-growing needs of their community.

        We all have a need to feel important. We want to accomplish certain goals in our lives and grow as a person. We seek challenges in our life, excitement from our daily routines, and a chance to form new and lasting friendships with individuals who have common goals. Volunteer firefighting and EMS provides all of these opportunities. As a volunteer firefighter or EMT, you will enjoy achievements, gain increased self-respect, receive personal and community recognition, but most importantly receive the rewards that come from helping others. Yes, firefighting and EMS is hard work but time spent with fellow firefighters and EMT’s is enjoyable and builds a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

        Firefighting and EMS is very demanding of an individual. Many hours of training are involved, requirements must be met and regulations and standards are to be upheld. Our volunteer firefighters are not compensated in the traditional way for their efforts. There is no paycheck, no monetary bonus, or financial incentive to work harder. However, there is a reward! It comes from the pride the volunteer receives both individually and as part of an organization. It comes from the feeling of being a part of a team effort, which you will enjoy. It comes in the form of a friendly handshake from a grateful citizen or a mother's smile of gratitude. The child's awe as they see the inside of a fire truck or ambulance, getting to blow the siren or seeing the flashing red lights while talking to one of their heroes. The smile from a neighbor, friend or family member in your community who congratulates you on being a part of a thriving, valuable and irreplaceable community organization.

       Why volunteer? Look inside yourself. If you have a desire to help others, experience the excitement that comes from a job well done, and have pride in yourself and others just like you, you will find the answer. Volunteer firefighting or EMS will never make you rich monetarily. Those who have come before you will tell you that no amount of money is worth the satisfaction that comes from helping those in their time of need, or the simple thank you from someone who’s life you touched. Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?


Still Interested in becoming a Shepherd Volunteer?

Any Resident, Property Owner or person employed in the fire service protection area of the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD), who is 18 years of age or older, is eligible to become a member of the Department after filling out an application and attending three consecutive Business Meetings.  After such time, the application for membership shall be reviewed and voted on by written ballot by the Fire Chief, Asst. Fire Chief's and Captains.

Business meetings are at 7 PM every First Monday of the month at Fire station #1 Located at
8015 Wade St, Shepherd, Mt 59079