How do I become a member?

Any Resident, Property Owner or person employed in the fire service protection area of the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD), who is 18 years of age or older, is eligible to become a member of the Department after filling out an application and attending three consecutive Business Meetings.  After such time, the application for membership shall be reviewed and voted on by written ballot by the Fire Chief, Asst. Fire Chief's and Captains.

Business meetings are at 7 PM every First Monday of the month at Fire station #1 Located at 8015 Wade St, Shepherd, Mt 59079

If I am under 18 yrs old can I still join the dept?

Any Youth, ages 15, 16 or 17 may apply for a membership to the junior firefighter Group provided they have written parental consent and are a resident in the fire protection area of the SVFD. The Group shall consist of no more than four members at any one time.

What are the service boundaries of the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department?

You can view an interactive map of the service boundaries at http://www.co.yellowstone.mt.gov/mapping/fire.asp

How much training should I have to join the dept?

The Shepherd Volunteer Fire Dept will Train you as you are available and classes are scheduled. There is no requirement of prior training.

What services does the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Dept Provide?

The Shepherd Volunteer Fire Dept  Provides Fire, EMS and Wildfire Protection.